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All We Need Is Love!

As a culture, we are way too hard on ourselves. We judge ourselves, beat ourselves up, and put so much pressure on ourselves to be a certain way. We constantly feel stressed, tense, burdened, and overwhelmed by our own demands. No wonder there is so much more anxiety and depression than ever before.
Yet, we are the ones creating it and continuing to create it day after day. Why? Because we don't love and accept ourselves as we are and where we are at. We constantly feel we need to do more, be more, be different, be better, because we don't feel we are good enough.

So, where does all this come from? It is from the negative messages we receive to be this way and not that way, this is good and this is bad, this is right and that is wrong, stick with the norm and don't be different, or do this or that. With all sorts of messages from our parents, teachers, religious figures, family, friends, TV, media, etc., it is no surprise that we take the same messages and continue to feed them to ourselves day in and day out to try to live up to other's expectations or our own even higher expectations.

It's not much fun being so hard on ourselves. In fact it is rather exhausting, draining, and depleting. So why do we continue to do this to ourselves? Somewhere along the line, we thought that if we pushed ourselves hard enough, we'd be better, do better, and feel better. It is not the case! In fact, it only hinders our success, holds us back, and keeps us stuck in the same negative pattern and cycle.

The way to transform our lives is to love and accept ourselves as we are and where we are at. We can empower ourselves, shift our thinking, beliefs, and behaviors by being kinder to ourselves, supporting ourselves, listening to ourselves and our body, taking care of ourselves, filling ourselves up, cheering ourselves on, encouraging ourselves, inspiring ourselves, motivating ourselves, mentoring ourselves, and boosting our self esteem and confidence. We can make ourselves feel good and feel better by validating ourselves, affirming ourselves, confirming ourselves, complimenting ourselves, and appreciating ourselves. We are uniquely who we are and perfect as we are just the way we are.

We can love who we are and accept ourselves where we are and be at peace knowing that we can be where we want to be. We can choose to get there and enjoy the journey by loving and accepting ourselves along the way vs. being hard on ourselves and beating ourselves up as we've done before in the past. We can choose to nurture ourselves with love and appreciation! The Beatles said it best, "All we need is love - love is all we need!"

Can you imagine if we gave ourselves a good dose of love, positive feedback, reassurance, encouragement, and empowered ourselves every day, how we would feel? Imagine how feeling good would inspire us to do amazing things? What if we did the same thing with our children, spouse, family and friends, can you imagine how they would feel and how they could pass it along to others too! Can you imagine that by loving and accepting ourselves more, we could change the world? Imagine that!

posted by Judy on February 28th, 2013 at 9:47 AM

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