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What Is It That You Want?

What is it that you want to be, do, or have in your life? Anything and everything is possible! All you have to do is decide what it is you want!

Once you get truly clear on what it is and why you want it, you can commit to it. You can start to create it and call it forth by law of attraction. The law of attraction is about creating your life by what you put your energy, attention, and focus on.

What you think and believe you attract into your life. What you think about and believe, you become. So if you want to be thin and you are thinking and believing overweight and overeating thoughts and beliefs, you will get what you ask for – more overweight and overeating. Your thoughts and beliefs are requests for more of the same. Like attracts like. What do you want more of in your life? Shift your attention and focus on that!

We are where we are now in our life because of our thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts are very powerful. The power of creating and choosing is now in the present moment with our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, words, and actions. Positive thoughts and empowering beliefs and focusing on what we do want create what we want. Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and focusing on what we don’t want create what we don’t want.

We can learn from our experiences and see how we attracted them into our lives by our thoughts and beliefs. We can grow from what we learned knowing that we did the best we knew at the time. By acknowledging that we contributed to where we are, we can take responsibility and accept what is and where we are at now has happened for a reason in our best interest.

We can realize that we were not aware of what we were creating in our lives before. We can now choose to take an active part in what we do want to create. We can begin to look at life differently. We can choose to accept and allow what is and where we are at knowing that we can change our lives, by changing our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.

We no longer have to resist life and fight against it and see things as negative, a problem, or an issue and get stuck there. If we observe what we don’t like about something, we then can look at how we would like it to be. We can look at things in a new way as an opportunity to choose again and create what we do want.

You can create your life the way you want to! You are in charge of your life! You are the writer and creator of your life. Freedom is the ability to choose what you want! You are free to be, do, and create anything you want! What do you truly want?

posted by Judy on April 30th, 2013 at 5:38 AM

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