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The Truth Will Set Us Free!

The truth is we are born of love and come from love. We are love! The strongest, most powerful, positive force in the Universe is love. This is who we are!

Our natural state of being is love Ė unconditional love, acceptance, joy, happiness, abundance, prosperity, health, well being, naturally thin, and thriving. This is our birthright!

We are also born free with unlimited potential to be, do, create and have everything we ever wanted. With love, all things are possible and we can do anything! With love, everything thrives and with love, doors open easily and effortlessly to new possibilities and opportunities.

We are creators of our lives and we are free to choose and create what we want. We know that everything happens for a reason in our best interest for our highest good and purpose. On a higher level, we know we are guided every step of the way. Everything is for us and supports us on our journey to where we want to go, what we want to do, and what we want to be.

Who we are is love, but what we learned was fear. With fear, we experienced the opposite of who and what we were, such as doubt, judgment, anxiety, worry, lack, limitation, scarcity, suffering, and struggle. When we were scared, we resisted what we were afraid of and fought against what we believed could hurt us or cause us pain and suffering. We learned to control ourselves and everything around us to protect ourselves to survive at a young age.

With fear, we learned to create more of what we didnít want in our lives. Most of the thinking and beliefs we adopted early on became negative thinking and limiting beliefs running in our subconscious mind that kept us stuck in situations we struggled with over and over again. Unfortunately, what we learned was to focus on what we didnít want, which held us back from what we truly wanted!

The truth is fear in an illusion. It doesnít exist and it is not real as it is a feeling. Feelings are responses to what we think and believe. As a culture, we are so conditioned to go to what is wrong, what we donít like, and the problem as it triggers up our past thinking and beliefs and fears that are uncomfortable. For many of us over the years, we learned that it was easier to avoid, ignore, or numb the feelings then to face our fears. By facing the illusion of fear, we dissolve it and the truth sets us free to live the life we were born to live!

posted by Judy on May 31st, 2013 at 4:19 AM

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